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Your digital companion. Surf the web, earn crypto. Simple as that.


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Web 3.0

Take the digital currency you generated into new opportunities. Explore DeFi, Staking, the Metaverse or NFT marketplaces. The world of WEB3 awaits.

Step 3: Level Up

Unlocking your digital value is more than surfing the web, it’s your daily habits. Get the most out of your data with the Cirus Device.

Real World Value

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Our Team
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Daniel Bland
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Samartha Nagabhushanam
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Michael Luckhoo
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Ben Tran
SVP, Global Business Development
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Alex Man
SVP, Global Partnerships
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Daren Tung
Head of Operations
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David Brown
Head of Research & Community
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Jeff Tchadjeu
Product Manager
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Oleksiy Martynov
Lead Blockchain Developer
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Mike Miclea
Head of Marketing & Communications
Our Advisors
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Gil Amelio
Senior Advisor
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Finis Conner
Senior Advisor

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