Empowering The Ownership
Economy To Unlock Your Largest
Digital Asset


With over 2.5 years of engineering, CIRUS was born. A first of its kind hardware device designed to unlock data ownership, connect to the blockchain and create value.

Unbox and
The Cryptoverse

Meet CIRUS — Your gateway into the digital economy. A simple plug and play device enabling you, THE OWNER, to easily access the cryptoverse and generate real value from your daily habits.

The Highway to a Digital Economy

Once connected, The CIRUS Network unlocks your unique data asset and enables real value creation through user generated events, lead captures, ad-revenue, node validation and much more.

Pinch and zoom

Generate Real World Value with The Cirus Token

The CIRUS Token — Take the value you've generated into DeFi and Web 3.0 apps in the digital economy, or move it into the real world using fiat off-ramps.

Scalability    Security    Longevity

The Cirus Foundation is proud to be leveraging the benefits of Polygon’s full-stack scaling solutions to help make the Cirus platform easily accessible to a larger audience.

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Nothing great can be achieved alone. This is why we are proud to be supported by an elite group of partners who share in our vision and commitment to transforming the ownership economy.

Meet the Innovators

Our Team
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Daniel Bland
profile pic
Samartha Nagabhushanam
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Michael Luckhoo
profile pic
Vamsi Sankarayogi
Chief Technical Officer
profile pic
Ben Tran
SVP Global Business Development
profile pic
Alex Man
SVP Global Partnerships
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Daren Tung
Head of Operations
profile pic
David Brown
Head of Research & Community
profile pic
Jeff Tchadjeu
Product Manager
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Oleksiy Martynov
Lead Blockchain Developer
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Mike Miclea
Head of Marketing & Communications
Our Advisors
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Gil Amelio
Senior Advisor
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Finis Conner
Senior Advisor

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