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4,000 Devices Deployed

Cirus is excited to reveal that, as-of July 2021, over 4,000 units of the CIRUS Device have been deployed into…

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The Cirus Confluence Network: Tying it all together

When you own your data, it means you have choices. Choices mean opportunities and potential.

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The Cirus Core Platform

The Cirus Core Platform is the software backbone supporting the Cirus Device, enabling data processing, storage, control, security and monetization.

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Meet Cirus: Your Gateway to the Digital Economy

Cirus is your point of entry into the cryptoverse. A standalone device, bringing the ownership economy directly into your home.

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The Cirus Foundation: Empowering The Ownership Economy

Our Mission is to accelerate the Ownership Economy by building an accessible onramp, enabling individuals to own, manage and monetize…

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