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Phase I: Genesis Launch of the Cirus Platform

Launch of Cirus Platform

Enable user onboarding into the Cirus Ecosystem and invite immediate participation in a meaningful way.

Put your tokens to work

From our contribution pool to partner liquidity pools, start staking your tokens where it makes sense.

Increase Your Earnings

The actions you take now can increase your future earnings.

Phase II: Alpha Launch Data Module

Start capturing your data

With the browser extension, you can begin to capture key data to monetize.

Monitor your traffic

Detect trends in the traffic streaming into your node with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly trend lines.

Always Accessible

With our mobile app, have a real time access to your dashboard on the go.

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Phase III: Everest Cirus Device Integration

IoT device data streams

On-chain data transactions and storage - dNFT

Enhanced data monetization integrations

Q4 2021
Phase I


Launch of the Cirus Platform powered by Polygon's MATIC network to enable immediate participation with the Cirus Network.

Q1 2022
Phase II


Introduce the Cirus browser extension and unlock the Data module and mobile app

Q2 2022
Phase III


Enable the user to sync the Cirus Device to the Cirus platform and supercharge their earning potential

The Cirus Platform

Easily access the benefits of WEB3 through your data

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Invite Your Friends

Bring your friends into the data the data economy or track your referrals.

Invite Your Friends

Bring your friends into the data economy

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