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Cirus Foundation Hosts Bitcoin Happy Hour at BTC Miami Conference

Cirus hold their debut event along with Casper Labs to a welcoming crowd – over 700 in attendance.

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The Cirus Foundation: Empowering The Ownership Economy

Our Mission is to accelerate the Ownership Economy by building an accessible onramp, enabling individuals to own, manage and monetize…

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Meet Cirus: Your Gateway to the Digital Economy

Cirus is your point of entry into the cryptoverse. A standalone device, bringing the ownership economy directly into your home.

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Personal Data Monetization, Decentralization and Transparency

Blockchain has proven to be one of the most disruptive technologies of the last decade.

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The Cirus Core Platform

The Cirus Core Platform is the software backbone supporting the Cirus Device, enabling data processing, storage, control, security and monetization.

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Blockchain-Based Smart Router Projects

Redefining Decentralized Data Sharing, Collection and Monetization

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Cirus Foundation Unveils its Documents Portal

All relevant Cirus Ecosystem documentation will be posted on the portal.

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Plug & Play – Crypto in the Modern Era

Unlock the value of data in a friendly, hassle-free, effective, and easy-to-use way.

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