All Eyes On Manthan | Cirus Hackathon 2022

In the spirit of getting down to business, we recently held our first ever 4-day hackathon in Bangalore, India (where a large part of our tech-team resides). Here’s a full breakdown of the event, the attendees and what we got done:

Manthan stands for ‘Churning’. The goal of this hackathon was the ultimate collaboration of talented brains churning ideas together, in pursuit of growth and creating an accelerated output over 4 days.

The event lasted a total of 80 hours and was conducted in association with Government Bodies and Educational and Research Institutions, with an attendance of 75 participants and 17 guests. Manthan aimed at creating a platform for young minds to fuel their innovative ideas through knowledge exchange and exposure to working in teams with 15 industry experts, 36 employees including entrepreneurs, engineers, technologists, and designers; 7 members from event management and technical support and 17 students from premier institutions.

Cirus Manthan consisted of three main cohorts: Mobile App, Data Science Analytics, and the Router Cohort. These cohorts were further divided into smaller teams that crossed over at numerous points to build a product together as cohesive groups. Top tier students were granted an opportunity to be a part of the teams and closely work with experts, gaining first-hand work exposure on the project to foster their creativity and leverage different perspectives.


Mobile App Cohort

The mobile app cohort started off by analyzing the requirements of the mobile app, market requirements, the appearance of the app, and its features, then divided their tasks between two teams:

Core team

The team brainstormed from different angles such as Sales and Marketing, Finance, and Operations to leverage the app fully.

App Development Team

The App Development Team post-brainstorming, extracted app test cases to ensure coverage of all requirements. The team also evaluated cross-platform frameworks for mobile applications to set up an automation framework. They also worked on key tasks such as:

  • Evaluating the tech stack
  • Including Modern Signup/Login (OTP)
  • Working on a Database Model

The team successfully laid a roadmap for the finish of the final product and commenced other features:

  • Micro-fronted design integration
  • Dockerization of micro services (Backend)
  • Firebase SDK integration
  • Unlocking the app — Inbuilt phone security pattern
  • Continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment
  • Sync Vs Sonar — Evaluation
  • Router API Integration

Data Science Analytics Cohort

The Data Science Analytics Cohort generated a learning and understanding of the Data Vault, DSR, and Taxonomy, followed by the setup and writing of test cases for the Data Vault. The team also successfully produced DSR flow documentation.

Data Vault

  • Categorization of the websites by the use of the convolutional neural networks model
  • Conversion of Model training into an Airflow scheduler process to be run monthly
  • Model training was completed with a training data set of 1 Million websites spanning 10 major categories
  • Scraping of first-party website data was implemented and the output has been fed into the model for the initial set of predictions

Data Subject Request (DSR)

  • An initial framework was created for processing these requests
  • A separate table and schema were created for tracking the DSR requests
  • Provisioning of the delete request queries

Taxonomy Mapping

  • Loading of IAB Taxonomies (Content, Ad Product, and Audience) into the Snowflake database
  • Successfully loaded taxonomy with 66 major categories.

Router Cohort

This cohort was divided into 3 teams, namely:

Router team

  • Testing the features of the router on WPA, WiFi easy connect, etc.
  • Training plan

Embedded team

  • Worked on Google API for Geo location
  • Worked on IOT server
  • Operating System analysis for PC, mobile, and tab.

Blockchain router/ network team

  • Configuration of Blockchain router

Other Teams included:

  • UX and UI

The UX/UI cohort was a supporting team for all the main cohorts mentioned above, providing required wireframes, graphics, user interface, workflow, etc.

The UX and UI team was divided into 2 teams:

Team 1

  • Worked on low fidelity wireframes for the Router Application
  • Brainstormed on different use case scenarios for registration and log in
  • Created Information Architecture for the Mobile app

Team 2

  • Worked on IAB taxonomy for audience manager
  • Understanding taxonomy and brainstorming on creating the best UX flow to showcase the taxonomy in the most effective and efficient way.

On the first day of the event, attendees arrived at Brahmi Wellness Center in the morning. After a concise brief to the experts, engineers, designers, and students, the cohorts and teams within were formed. Everybody then got to work, with each cohort breaking their objectives down into individual, measurable tasks. Stereotypically, there was even a bell to ring every time a task was completed, spurring a competitive nature in some, and sheer anxiety and terror in others, but we digress…..

On each day, work continued into the wee hours of the morning, with breaks for team building events (and food!). The Hackathon was also visited by a number of prominent guests who stepped in and out of the various cohorts to lend their expertise.

On day four, the event wrapped up with an award ceremony, with winners nominated and voted on by the participants. Unsurprisingly, Samartha (our co-founder) and his team took the top spot.

Ultimately, the event was a huge success for Cirus, but also individually for each participant, as they got the chance to flex their muscles, and see what they were really capable of. We’ll definitely be doing this again, so keep an eye out for “Manthan” round two!

Special thanks to all the guests who took part:

  • Dr. Manohar Chikkanna — Educationist, President South Council IACCI
  • C S Prakash — Honorary Consul, Czech Republic and MD, Pushpak Products India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
  • B M Murthy — Telecom Entrepreneur
  • Ranganath — Data Analytics Entrepreneur
  • Robert Tholenaars — Treasurer, India Netherlands business Council Bangalore
  • Shyam Karigiri — MD, Moog Aerospace
  • Pradeep Bandakli — Technocrat & India Center head, Telecom & Analytics
  • Shyam Kaluve — Technocrat, Telecom
  • Nagendra Prasad Nonavinakere — Technocrat & Angel Investor
  • Ganesh Jagadeesan — Senior Executive, Telcos & ISPs
  • Veena Samartha — Entrepreneur in IOT
  • Mrutyunjaya S — Enterprise Account Director; Coursera, Hyderabad
  • Vishwas B S — Technocrat & Angel Investor
  • Dr Jacob Crasta — Past President, FKCCI, Kassia, PIA Bangalore; Managing committee member, FICCI & ASSOCHAM, Delhi; MD, CM Enviro systems Private Limited, Bangalore.
  • Muralikrishnan Gopalakrishnan — Chief Executive in Telecom & Venture Capitalist
  • Ashwin Ramachandra — Technocrat, Telecom; Startup Mentor
  • Dr. Arvind M T — Entrepreneur & Startup Mentor