Roll Call — Introducing Our Team

As we work away through the chilly blasts of Crypto Winter 3.0 (the bear market), some of you may have noticed a few new faces appearing in our media and community. While the world outside seems to be grinding to a halt, we’ve continued to build away, and as we moved through certain internal checkpoints, we started adding more key people to the Cirus team. These folks are expanding our capacity on all fronts, and taking Cirus to the next level. Each new team member is a powerhouse in their own right, and their impact has already been huge!

Here’s your chance to get to know them:


Matthew Mozaffari — Lead Developer — You name it, he’s been there, built it and has the NFT to prove it!

Frank Sinopoli — Chief Innovation Officer — Leveraging his many years of business successes to constantly bring in game changing ideas to Cirus!

David Brown — Head of Research, Tokenomics & Partnerships — Writes things, edits things, lives in Microsoft Excel and works to grow the Cirus Ecosystem!

Philip Plotnicki — Social Media Manager — holds down the social fort across our available channels, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram one post at a time!

Julia Guz — Project Manager — The one who manages our day-to-day operations and connects the entire team. She makes sure we deliver!

Ryan George — Video Producer — The Steven Spielberg of our team, Ryan has joined us early this year and has produced many of the cinematic experiences we share with you.

Mike Miclea — Head of Marketing — The guy that leads our marketing team! Mike focuses on taking the complex vision of Cirus and making it easily digestible.

And that’s that! Since our start many moons ago, we have grown into something fantastic (and continue to grow). As we prepare to roll out with our upcoming product — in which we will be updating you in the coming weeks — it’s nice to know what our key members do and how we’ve been doing it, Cirus style.

.   .   .