Coinbase Cloud Launches Node, a Web3 Developer Platform that Simplifies dApp Development

Massive exchange platform Coinbase’s blockchain infrastructure platform Coinbase Cloud has launched its Web3 developer platform. The platform, named Node, allows users to design new decentralized applications (dApps) for free.


Formerly known as Query & Transact, Node has served dedicated, paid nodes to enterprises for reading and writing access to over 25 blockchains for over two years.


According to a statement released by Coinbase on Wednesday, Node allows users to create and monitor Web3 applications. Through the platform, users can also access the Ethereum blockchain and indexers.


Luv Kothari, a product manager overseeing Node at Coinbase, spoke on the significance of this new developer platform:


“We think the product that we’re [launching today] is the most fundamental piece for anybody building in the ecosystem. It’s almost like going to AWS and getting an EC2 instance so you can start writing code and then deploying your code.”


Though Node does have a paid, tiered subscription model, it also has a free plan. The free plan gives users access to advanced APIs, allowing for the creation of dApps and NFT applications.


The platform facilitates faster creation of Web3 applications while also making it cheaper and less complex for developers to create dApps, according to Coinbase Cloud. This coincides with the platform’s other service offerings, including all-in-one access to payments, identity, trading, and data infrastructure.


Coinbase Cloud was created in 2021 to provide developers with comprehensive and accessible tools for creating decentralized products. Following the launch of Coinbase Cloud and its suite of blockchain development services, Coinbase executives stated that they “want to be the AWS of crypto,” referring to Amazon Web Services, which powers the enterprise cloud market and  provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments.


This easy-to-use, affordable Web3 developer platform may act as the perfect bridge for many companies looking to hop into the blockchain or dApp space that don’t have the necessary skills needed to help develop this somewhat new form of application. 


Node has been made available today to users around the world.