Native Web3 Fashion Brands Join Other Big Names in the Industry at NY Fall Fashion Week

Native Web3 fashion brands will premiere outside of the digital space at New York Fashion Week this fall at a two-day show by Nolcha Shows.


Nolcha Shows has been curating events for the fashion industry for 14 seasons, but this year will be switching it up by featuring Web3 native brands and a panel on Web3’s significance within the fashion industry’s future.


Over the past few years, many major fashion brands have begun adopting the Web3 space, such as Gucci accepting digital assets at select stores and creating NFT collections. Many other fashion giants have also entered the space, such as Balenciaga, Hermes and Phillipp Plein, to name a few. These highly esteemed brands have all announced plans for Web3 integration in some form.


Now the opposite is occurring. Brands native to the Web3 space are returning to reality to bring more recognition to their projects and spread the word about their offerings. 


Arthur Mandel, the co-founder of Nolcha Shows, spoke about why Web3 native brands are heading back to physical reality: “The reason Web3 native brands opt for IRL events is to lower the threshold adaptation. Right now, the entry point and access to bigger crowds in a meaningful way is at in-person events.”


One such brand is ChainGuardians, a Web3 native brand that is taking to the YFW runway this fall. The ChainGuardian brand focuses heavily on the trending term “phygital,” which refers to a Web3 asset that combines aspects of physical and digital reality. An example of a phygital product would be NFT wearables, which can be utilized in the Metaverse but also have identical physical counterparts. 


Mandel spoke further about the significance of phygital products: “Phygital products that will blur realities and enable people to form numerous personal identities in both worlds — virtual and IRL.”


With native Web3 fashion brands entering one of the most significant events in the industry, more eyes will be on this innovative space, displaying its value and overall appeal – and potentially bringing more users in.