Hey, here’s how your
data is managed

With your permission, Cirus makes earning from your data easy!
Here are the types of data you’re monetizing

Past Browsing History
Current Browsing History
Top Visited Sites
Profile Building Questions
Location Details

What is NOT collected

Financial Information
Anything you type
Peripheral Devices

How do we
handle your data?

  1. Your data is processed through a series of algorithms that clean, normalise and enrich it, before being moved securely into cloud storage.
  2. Once the clean data is in storage, it is further processed by deep learning algorithms that link the data to your unique ID within the system.
  3. That unique ID is then used to identify you when data is monetized, so the value can be remitted back to you. Advertisers and data buyers will never see your personal information (PII).

Designed with your
security in mind

Your data is Safe & Secure, here’s how we ensure that


Your data is encrypted with SHA-256 and AES-256 standard encryption to keep your information safe

Secured Cloud

Cirus uses secured cloud infrastructure to enable seamless monetization, while maintaining enterprise-grade security.

Data sovereignty and Data residency

Cirus stores the data as per Data sovereignty and Data residency paradigms defined by various government agencies. (CCPA, GDPR etc).

Monitored 24/7

Cirus maintains a comprehensive security system, with ongoing code audits, penetration testing and organizational security assessments. Cloud based infrastructure is also monitored 24x7 by our Network Operations Center

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